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You can use any major credit card to purchase through Pay Pal. 

We accept all all major credit cards.
​ If you prefer to purchase your rosary by telephone, using your credit card, you can phone us at either of the numbers listed below.  We look forward to speaking to you. 
Please do not send us your credit card information via e-mail. We do not feel it is secure.

Call us at  401-943-8639 or 
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern time.

You can text us at 401-263-7843 or 
contact us via e-mail

Policies and Payments

Hand Crafted "One of a Kind" ,  Limited Edition  
and Custom Rosaries and Chaplets 
"Do not permit your misery or defeats to depress you. Rather let them be steps by which you descend the deep mine where we find the precious gem of humility."
~  Saint Paola Frassinetti ~

Rosaries purchased will be shipped within 48 hours except on weekends and holidays. If there is a problem shipping within this time frame, we’ll either e-mail or phone you.  We regret that due to increases in shipping costs, we are no longer able to ship, free of charge, outside the US. We are in the process of adding additional Pay Pal buttons for items being shipped outside the US. Until these changes are made to each page, if you live outside the US and purchase a rosary using the old Pay Pal button, you will be billed an additional fee before your item is shipped.

Guarantees and Repairs
Our rosaries are strung using soft flex wire. This wire is strong and flexible and is not likely to break. We guarantee our rosaries with no time limit, against normal use. Should your rosary break, return it to us and we will repair it at no charge and return it to you as quickly as possible. 
We understand that when deeply in prayer, it is possible to twist, pull or bend your rosary and not be aware you are doing this. If a rosary is returned to us for repair, and the wire is curled or bent, we will gladly repair it at no charge. Because our rosaries are limited edition and one-of-a-kind, we cannot guarantee that we will have beads to replace those you may have lost or broken. Should this happen, we will contact you so that we may agree on a new replacement bead. Please know this is not likely to happen.
Rosaries are Sacramentals and are not made to be worn. Should you decide to wear your rosary and breakage occurs, we are not responsible. We will, however, repair it for a small fee and the cost of shipping. 
If it breaks by your fault (example: catching it on something and pulling the wire) we will repair it for a small fee and ask that you pay for shipping. If you break it and a part is lost, we will have to charge for the replacement part, but there will not be a charge for the repair.

If you are unhappy with your rosary, we can discuss a return. Returns will be for credit only. No refunds will be given.

Custom Rosaries
We will work with you for as long as necessary to create a perfect custom rosary.  We work very closely with you so you will be clear on what you are ordering.  All custom rosaries must be paid in full when the design is finalized and the order is placed. 
Custom rosaries are not returnable. 

If you have an idle rosary please give it to someone who has no rosary. We ask this in our effort to encourage Mary’s prayer.

Our Proceeds
In addition to donations made to various Catholic charities, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our rosaries will be donated to 
Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Or phone Marilyn at 401-943-8639 or 401-263-7843

Julio Romero de Torres ~ 
Samaritana ~1920