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Thou God of My Heart
​Saint Augustine’s Prayer for Monica’s Soul

“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” 
~Saint Augustine~

Copyright Marilyn Nash ~ 
I then, O my Praise and my Life, Thou God of my heart, putting aside for a little her good deeds, for which I joyfully give thanks to Thee, do now beseech Thee for the sins of my mother. Hearken unto me, through that Medicine Of our wounds who hung upon the tree, and who, sitting at Thy right hand, "maketh intercession for us." I know that she acted mercifully, and from the heart forgave her debtors their debts; do Thou also forgive her debts, whatever she contracted during so many years since the water of salvation. Forgive her, O Lord, forgive her, I beseech Thee; "enter not into judgment" with her. Let Thy mercy be exalted above Thy justice, because Thy words are true, and Thou hast promised mercy unto "the merciful;" which Thou gavest them to be who wilt "have mercy" on whom Thou wilt "have mercy," and wilt "have compassion" on whom Thou hast had compassion. 
~ Saint Augustine ~ Confessions, Book 9, 35 ~

Monica died shortly after her son’s conversion, something for which she had passionately prayed for many years. She became a saint because of her constant prayers for her son. After her death, Saint Augustine prayed for mercy for his mother’s soul. His prayer is so emotional, so love filled that, whether our own mother is here or across the veil,  it will bring us to a new depth of love for her.  
This rosary focuses on Augustine and Monica’s love and prayers for each other which, ultimately, brings us to our love for our most precious Mother, Mary who leads us to her Son.

Saint Augustine, lived an immoral life until, at the age of thirty-one, he was converted. Symbolic of his early years and the change in him when he came to God, we have chosen gray cat’s eye as the Aves in this rosary. Cat’s eye beads have a light in their center which reflects the light around them. This light is symbolic of the depth of light that became the light he reflected for his mother when he was converted. We come into our prayer, as Augustine came into his, with the heart. Porcelain heart shaped Paters, flanked by small silver beads, take us to the 8 mm cat’s eye beads. Completed with a deep gray and silver enamel crucifix and Miraculous Medal, this limited edition rosary measures 
19 ½”.

Your “God of my Heart” rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.
Limited to an addition of two.

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